J-1 Funding Requirements

The total funding must meet minimum requirements listed below.

  • J-1 Scholar or Student Intern: $1700 per month
  • J-2 Spouse: $4000 per year
  • J-2 Child: $2000 per year

Multiple funding sources are allowed and all funding sources must be disclosed. 

Scanned copies of funding documents are acceptable and funding documents must be in English (or translated into English), on letterhead, and specify an amount of funding.

If a department plans to hire a scholar as a post-doc or research associate, Virginia Tech employment guidelines must be followed. These guidelines may require funding at a higher level. Please contact Personnel (1-5301) or the Research Division (1-9359) for more information about hiring and appointment policies.

For Virginia Tech funding  (for ALL J-1 categories), please submit a copy of the Terms of Faculty Offer Letter (TOFO), the P-14, the wage employment form, etc.  with the J-1 Request Form.